Chelmsford Firewood

Suppliers of firewood to Chelmsford and surrounds

About Us

Farming, Woodland and Conservation

Conservation has always been our core value, from when the first generation of the Allan family took on the farm in Margaretting in 1932, and four generations later this is still at the heart of the family.

Our Business

Our farm has many aims but they all have one common goal of sustainability, be it our arable operations growing wheat for your bread or managing our woodlands for nature and timber. If we can not operate in a sustainable way we would not still be in business after 85 years.


Our farm has two broadleaved woodlands with a mix of native hardwood species - predominantly Ash, Oak, Horse Chestnut and Hornbeam. All of these woods provide excellent heat output and low volume compared with softwood, which saves you time and money reloading your logburner and buying timber.